Eyes of the Future 2015

On February 28th, 2015 the children and nuns of Santa Ana and Nazareth Orphanages received free vision screenings and eye exams. This vision drive day was a donation from our volunteer Dr. Gerardo Salamanca and optometrist Dr. Jose Joaquin Pazcagaza from Bogotá, Colombia.

After the exams and screenings for 50 children, 50 sick seniors from Guillermo Greffestein Elderly Home and 6 nuns the results were:

18 children needed corrective lenses

5 children needed vision therapy

1 nun needed glasses and vision surgery

All corrective lenses were donated and delivered by Dr. Salamanca and Dr. Pazcagaza on April 18th, 2015.

Thanks to the generosity of Dr. Marta López, five children with severe vision problems received vision therapy at no cost at the Instituto Coperavi, one of the best vision institutions in Bogotá, Colombia.

Later that year, a second drive was hosted for the elders of the Guillermo Gresffestein Elderly Home.

Goal for 2016

Our goal for 2016 is to extend this project to the poor children of the surrounding villages of Agua de Dios. We hope to provide eye screenings and exams to 300 children and improve their quality of life.