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An extraordinary Author is supporting "Extending a Hand Foundation"

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Meet Colombian Author


Maritza M. Mejia


An extraordinary Colombian writer, Maritza M. Mejia, is supporting "Extending a Hand Foundation" through a Literary Breakfast and a generous donation to  "Backpacks of Love" in Bogota, Colombia May 5th, 2017.

If every person put a grain of sand to support the neediest, this world would be much better!  Thanks Maritza for your great heart!

Check out this exclusive interview with Claudia by Maritza!


The boys from Nazareth send their thanks to Patricia Turner. Click to view their slideshow created in the new computer lab.

extending a hand in cartagena

Institucion Educativa Salim Bechara in Albornoz

Institucion Educativa de la Boquilla in Maria Auxiliadora


Extending A Hand donated backpacks and uniforms  to students from Institucion Educativa Salim Bechara and Institucion Educativa de la Boquilla in the city of Cartagena.

Extending a hand in caracol

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A special thanks to beatriz & Rick

Thank you to Beatriz & Rick for donating new fans to the new orphanage. The new orphanage is still under development and we thank you for bringing us closer to our goal. 

Extending a hand is now sponsored by Avianca airlines

In July 2016, Extending A Hand gained support from Avianca, Colombia's largest airline. We were recognized for our work in Agua de Dios and featured in Avianca's magazine in a two page spread. We thank Avianca for their support and sponsorship.