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Backpacks of Love 2015

For more than 16 years Extending a Hand Fundation (Fundacion Una Mano Amiga) has been annually hosting a backpacks drive campaign in Agua de Dios, Colombia in November.

This project brings hundreds of backpacks full of basic clothing, shoes, toys and school supplies to children and seniors in need.

In 2014, we gave away 189 backpacks. For 2015, our goal was to give 380 backpacks.



Eyes of the Future 2015

On February 28th, the children and nuns from Santa Ana and Nazareth Orphanages got a free vision screenings and eye exams. This Vision Drive day was a donation from our volunteer Dr. Gerardo Salamanca and optometrist Dr. Jose Joaquin Pazcagaza from Bogotá, Colombia.

After the exams and screening for 50 children and 6 nuns, these were the results: 
17 children needed glasses
5 children needed vision therapy
1 nun needed glasses and vision surgery.

All glasses were donated and delivered by Dr. Gerardo Salamanca and Dr. José Joaquin Pazcagaza. Also, thanks to Dr. Martha López, children received vision therapy at no cost at the Instituto Coperavi. 

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Backpacks of Love 2014

Thanks to your support, our 2014 Backpacks of Love project had a successful weekend event. From November 8th to 10th, Sixteen of Fundacion Una Mano Amiga's volunteers had the opportunity to engage with and assist 178 orphans, underprivileged children and more than 80 elderly from Agua de Dios -Colombia.

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