A Sustainable Agricultural Project for children: SAP Project

If you want to help us to generate a culture of production and self-sustainability to ensure that these poor and vulnerable children and teenagers may change their future and have a life full of opportunities, your help would be a bless for all of them.

This SAP project foresees that Agua de Dios community can make it a profitable way of living, which will bring new opportunities for these children, families and the region. Through the provision of resources and agricultural education, we seek to build a culture of sustainability, which makes this project in particular, a very important objective for their future.

Thanks to Extending a Hand, a national training institute called SENA- Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje, is now present in the area and so children and teenagers from Agua de Dios are being trained in Business Administration, Marketing, Food Management and Agriculture.

We are also implementing a new program so that children who finish high school can do technological careers in Girardot, the city closest to Agua de Dios and so they can have tools to face the future in a dignified and productive way.