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Who We Are


since 1999

Our president, Claudia Ibarbo-Gloyne, started Fundacion Una Mano Amiga to help and support the nuns from Hijas de Los Sagrados Corazones de Jesus y Maria, a non-profit organization that helps abandoned seniors and orphaned children in Agua de Dios, Colombia. 

In 2000, our founder moved to the US where she continued raising funds for the children and seniors in Colombia. She received the support of her friends and the Colombian Volunteer Ladies, an organization of women that plan fundraisers, luncheons and charitable projects for those in need in Colombia, Latin America and the U.S.



Extending A Hand Foundation was officially established in Delray Beach, Florida as a 501 C3 non-profit organization. Since becoming an official foundation, our organization's focus has expanded and allowed for greater development and long-term projects in the hopes of creating a brighter future for the children and seniors of Agua de Dios.


Our Team


Claudia Cardona:  Public Relations and Social Media - Psychologist of Health Brigade

Claudia fell in love with our mission and purpose from the moment she met us. Claudia is licensed Mental Health Therapist this is passionate about helping children through love and compassion. She has spent years involved in the foster care system and has helped many children.


Claudia Ibarbo-Gloyne:  Executive Director

Her generosity and passion to help people in need, creates new opportunities for children and seniors in Agua de Dios, Colombia. In 1998, Claudia started an annual support for children with her own resources from Ibarbo representation, as a specialist in international education. As our founder and president, she is the heart and inspiration of our organization and our best ambassador, connecting our projects and goals with new people and companies with social interest.


sandra malkus: social media & events

Sandra Malkus began her career as a physical therapist in the country of Colombia. She is a writer of children's books showing her great love for them and she also enjoys the fascinating world of publishing. Her experience as a physical therapist for seniors at nursing homes in Florida has given us a better way to understand elderly needs. She gives everything to serve those who need it and her greatest gift is tenderness and love.