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Our Mission

Extending A Hand focuses in getting resources to develop projects and programs that may improve the quality of life and to offer a hopeful future to a vulnerable community of about 500 children and 150 elders in the town of Agua de Dios, Colombia, a place affected by the consequences of leprosy (not totally eradicated), poverty, violence, discrimination and abandonment.

Our mission is achieved through programs of aid, education and actions of preventative and curative health, as well as through projects for the self-sustainability of this vulnerable community, preventing them from falling into the hands of delinquency and many other threats to which they are permanently exposed.




Our Impact


Extending A Hand firmly believes that vulnerable groups have the right to have a dignified life, and therefore, through improving their living conditions they can become self sustained and valuable members in their community. Children and youth realize their full potential and become productive when they can live, study and work in a healthy and stable environment, as well as the elders can live in dignity and peace the last years of their life.

Our community of impact includes:

  1. Santa Ana Boarding School for 72 girls
  2. Santa Elena Boarding School for about 40 teenage girls
  3. Nazareth Boarding School for about 40 boys
  4. About 350 poor children from Agua de Dios surrounding villages
  5. Guillermo Greffestein Elderly Nursing Home for about 120 elders


vulnerable girls and boys served in agua de dios, colombia



poor children served in surrounding villages



elders served at the Guillermo Greffestein Elderly Nursing Home


Our Projects and Programs


Through the years our organization's focus has expanded and allowed for greater development and long-term projects in the hope of creating a brighter future for the children and seniors of Agua de Dios, Colombia


Extending A Hand Foundation supports this vulnerable community through projects and programs that fulfill their major needs.


1. our main project: santa ana boarding school construction

Please help us with this, our main project. The current school is collapsing and it is imminent that a new school be built to provide a safe living and learning environment for more than 72 poor girls who do not have another place to go. The project covers also a school for 150 children who are studying under deplorable conditions.

3. Backpacks of Love Annual Drive: BPL Annual Campaign

Please contact us with your contribution to this wonderful program. Once a year, Extending a Hand delivers more than 450 backpacks for children and more than 100 backpacks for seniors filled with basic necessities, clothing and shoes.

5. Computer Lab Project: CLAB Project

Are you renewing your computers or tablets? Or your printers? You can donate the old ones to this project and make a difference. We are committed to building and equipping a laboratory for the girls of the Santa Ana Boarding School and the children of the Villa San José School. The aim is for girls, boys and adolescents to learn to use technology in their favor, which will give them not only knowledge but also opportunities for their development and competitiveness in an increasingly technological world.

7. TINA TRING scholarship

With the help of George Snow Scholarship Fund and Extending A Hand Foundation/Fundacion Una Mano Amiga, I have the opportunity to pay it forward and create my own scholarship that will be awarded to a deserving student.

Being a college student myself, I need help raising funds for the scholarship. Please donate and share. With your help we WILL impact a student’s life!

2. Health Brigade for Love Program: HBL Program

Your support is needed to provide funds for this group of doctors of all specialities who offer their time and knowledge to provide preventive healthcare to the children and elders of this community, including poor children of the surrounding villages. They visit Agua de Dios at least 3 times a year with the only purpose of practicing medical and dental exams, and health diagnostics, plus the eye screenings and vision exams, to more than 300 children and adults.

4. Nursing Home update and furniture endowment: NHF Project

Funds need to be collected in order to update the building and to replace the old beds and mattresses. Wheelchairs and other sort of equipment for the elders mobility needs are a permanent requirement, as well asa basic supplies and medicine, which are included in this project.

6. A Sustainable Agricultural Project for children: SAP Project

If you want to help us to generate a culture of production and self-sustainability to ensure that these poor and vulnerable children and teenagers may change their future and have a life full of opportunities, your help would be a bless for all of them. Through the provision of resources and agricultural education, we seek to build a culture of sustainability, which makes this project in particular, a very important objective for their future.


Get Involved


In 1998, our president, Claudia Ibarbo-Gloyne, started this mission to help and support the nuns from Hijas de Los Sagrados Corazones de Jesus y Maria, a non profit organization that helps abandoned seniors and children in need in Aga de Dios, Colombia. Our team of volunteers is united by the love and faith in God fulfilling their purpose of life to serve and support the less privileged. 

We invite you to join us in the wonderful journey of giving and helping this community and enjoy the rewarding feeling of living for a purpose while giving them back their illusion of dreaming.


Santa ana boarding school construction

Lucy and 71 girls need a safe place to live. Today, our dream has started with the construction of their new home.

make a pledge

Help support the construction of the new Santa Ana Boarding School. When completed, this building will provide classrooms and dormitories for 72 girls and classrooms for 150 children.

other ways to help

Shop Amano Artisans to support Colombian artisans and Extending A Hand Foundation. 10% of their online sales are donated to the Santa Ana construction project.