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Core Values

The Foundation is governed by the following values: making this community full of love and commitment, while working daily with a team of people willing to keep God's presence in everything they do, while empowering and helping those who need it most.




We believe in a true God, Jesus. It is our desire to show its glory through the actions we do in this Foundation. 


We believe that collaborative work will always give better results. For us, working as a team is the key to achieving our objectives.


Excellence is a fundamental pillar, which must be reflected in everything we do.


We want to positively impact those who need it most. Our desire is to alleviate their suffering, the realities that they have to live, listening to them, understanding them and helping them.


We are aware of the commitment we have with this community. We carry out the development of this Foundation with responsibility and love.


Wisely manage the funds of the Foundation in order to improve the lives of the people we serve

To empower

It is important that the community feel support and support in terms of its essence. Empowering them to live with love from the Hand of God is fundamental to the Foundation.

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