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Psychology Brigade

Providing psychological support for young girls against their fight with mental health

For most of our existence, mental health has been seen as a taboo topic. For generations, those with mental health were seen as different, outcasts, problematic. Not until recently has it been recognized as a legitimate issue. Even so, there are still people who don't believe it exists. There are still voices crying out for help without anyone willing to listen.    

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Our Program

Now more than ever, mental health is a topic that's extremely prevalent amongst the youth. That's why Extending a Hand, with the assistance of four professional psychologists, have created a program to provide psychological aid to young girls living in a small-impoverished village known as Agua de Dios. The program will take place virtually, once a week, with sessions lasting an hour-and-a-half. The young girls will be split into small groups based on age demographics. From there, they will participate in creative and entertaining activities that will allow the psychologists to gauge their mental status. A record will be kept on each individual to view their process and take note on what needs to be focused on. The SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat) method will be used to highlight the areas in which they prosper and where there’s room for improvement. This program is a continuous process that goes beyond the weekly sessions, with checkups provided monthly throughout the year. The goal is to provide these young girls with the resources and expertise needed for them to become strong mentally, not only for themselves but for those around them.

Why they Matter

The girls from Agua de Dios are those said people whose voices have gone unheard for too long. They’re kids who have suffered and continue to suffer from being abandoned by those who were meant to care for them. They’ve suffered through verbal, physical, and especially mental abuse by those they trusted. Some have been victims of sexual assault. They’re kids who carry wounds that can’t be mended without the professional support and supplies needed. The reason they matter is because their hearts have been shattered and their mental health has been left in disarray. The reason they matter is because we’re the listeners who can finally answer their call for help!

Meet The Psychologists

Our Youth

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