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Our Team


Claudia Gloyne

Executive Director

In 1998, Claudia started an annual support for children in Agua de Dios, Colombia, with resources from her work as a Specialist in International Education in her own company, Ibarbo Representations. Her generosity and passion to help people in need led her to found Extending a Hand Foundation. As our founder and President, she is the heart and inspiration of our organization and our best Ambassador. Claudia’s genuineness is what enables her to connect our projects and goals with new people and companies with social interest.


Luz Amparo Reyes

Executive Secretary & Project Manager 

Luz is an Industrial Engineer with extensive experience in Management of Non-Profit Organizations. She helps Extending a Hand to have a proper project management system to achieve its goals. Luz is also a life and spiritual coach, a writer and lecturer on topics of positive assessment and personal and spiritual development. Luz Amparo believes in living with a purpose through solidarity and compassion with the less favored to make this a better world.


Claudia Sanchez


Claudia has been our treasure since year 2012. Service is her passion, and this quote describes the reason why she volunteers: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” Mahatma Gandhi”


Sandra Malkus 

Social Media & Events

Sandra began her career as a physical therapist in the country of Colombia. She is a writer of children’s books. In her story telling she shows her great love for children. Sandra also enjoys the fascinating book publishing world. Sandra’s experience as a physical therapist for seniors at nursing homes in Florida has given us a better way to understand elderly needs. She gives everything to serve those in need and her greatest gift is her tenderness and love.


Cleciane Bordignon

Director of Backpacks of Love Program

Cleciane is a Business Administrator specialized in Business Services. Her heart knows the meaning of "give" and "serve". From the moment he knew the mission of our foundation, she has worked constantly for the children of Agua de Dios, finding a beautiful purpose in the life of altruism.


Yanelis Navarro

Committee of Backpacks of Love Program

Yanelis has been a Real Estate Broker for the last 13 years. Her philosophy of "giving back" brought her to us. Yanelis is a team player moved by a sense of compassion to contribute with all the work that represents supporting the less favored communities.


Tina Tring 


Tina is a student who has lived the experience of the foster world and has become our representative and spokesperson of what it means to receive love and support when you need it the most. Tina is the voice that tells the world that we should support each other to make this world better.

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