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Public Relations Specialist 

The Public Relations specialist is responsible for building and maintaining a positive image for the organization. He or she will be in charge of establishing and maintaining relationships with consumer, community, employee, and public interest groups by writing press releases and other media communications, responding to requests for information and press conferences, and coaching client representatives in the correct way of communicating with the public and with clients.


Responsibilities of the Public Relations Specialist include (but are not limited to):

• Responding to requests for information from the media or designating a spokesperson or source of information.

• Establishing and maintaining relationships with media, other nonprofits, and with business groups and private enterprise (Networking and outreach)

• Writing press releases and other media communications to promote the organization.

• Planning or directing the development of programs to maintain favorable public views of the organization's agenda and accomplishments.

• Coaching Extending Hand representatives in effective communication with the public and employees.

• Preparing and editing organizational publications for internal and external audiences.

• Updating and maintaining Web content.

• Collaborating with social media manager to promote the organization.



• Bachelor’s degree in journalism, PR, marketing or related field.

• Experience handling a press conference.

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

• Ability to pitch to media.

• Ability to think both creatively and strategically.

• Ability to run PR campaigns that deliver measurable results and meet objectives.

• Creativity in securing coverage and buzz with traditional outlets.

• Understanding of social media platforms.

• Project and budget management skills.

• Responds well under pressure with strict time limit.

• Quick and enthusiastic learner.

• Bilingual (English and Spanish) is a must.

• Social skills and sensibility to extending a hand mission

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